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January 13, 2008


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Doug M.

Beat-weary-dead tired last night, so went to bed early. Woke up with a vague sense something wasn't right. Went downstairs, set foot in the computer room... and then I was "oh damn I /missed the game/!"

Not sure this is a good thing, Carlos. Not sure at all.

Doug M.


If you were in the States I'd suggest TiVo. It's amazing.

I must admit, I was a little down for the first few minutes of the game. And then the car started.

They put Rodgers in. Ow.

Will Baird

*brings small sacrifices and incense to his TiVo*

It really makes all the difference.

Noel Maurer

Romo looked a little flustered by the end there, Carlos, no?

As of right now, I am going to be on an airplane during the Superbowl. This has me very annoyed. I am going to try to rectify that.


Just a bit. A sportswriter friend points out that overfocusing on a 'hot' receiver is usually a sign too -- by that measure, Romo was rattled much earlier. But the penalties, ow. They lost it collectively.

sorry, my throat is hoarse and this is somehow affecting my typing.

Dennis Brennan

Congrats to Carlos and all true cheeseheads. Football in the snow is just fun to watch.

Normally, rooting for the Giants is consider a crime against nature here in Philly. But not today. And Romo chokes again. There is a God, and he hates Dallas too.


I grew up in the NY metro area hating all NY sports teams (my dad's fault--he's from Philly). However, I hate the Dallas Cowboys even more than the Giants, so I was pleased to see the outcome of that game.

A good friend from college is a die-hard Giants fan. I bought him a Giants doormat once and was innocently surprised when he growled at me. :-)

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