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January 24, 2008


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The New York City High School Math Teacher


The New York City High School Math Teacher

So, I know what I'm doing Feb. 12. I wonder how well Dick Radosh's son knows wursterei?

The New York City High School Math Teacher

Sorry. Dick/Ron.

Will Baird



That's different.

Hey Carlos, any chance you can crank out that paleo biochem post prior to sat evening? I'm hosting the paleo blog carnival (the boneyard) and it'd be great to include.

The New York City High School Math Teacher


Bacon is so alluring, so wonderful, that religious Jews have been known to suspend kashrut - willfully - to savor it.

And when I find kosher mutton flaps, I will make kosher belly bacon. Cured, cold-smoked, and the perfect addition to a 2nd Ave Deli turkey club.

Will Baird


I C. Bacon's good stuff, but at least for breakfast, I'd prefer chorizo. Bacon's a tad more adaptable though: smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato and cheddar on a crescent...oh yeah. ;)

Will Baird

You have a thing about immune system stuff: this crossed my path. Odd, da?



"bacon is the conversion meat."


I don't really think bacon is a dealbreaker. not without a cheeseburger under it.

The New York City High School Math Teacher

Then there are the alternative bacons. I recall a preparation known as "beef fry" which must have been the fattier part of the skirt steak and other odd bits, sliced real thin, and fried in the electric skillet with eggs and *shudder* passover pancakes.

And the bacobits. And also that weird texturized TVP stuff that has surface camouflage decoration evocative of rashers of bacon.

So, whither kosher bacon? I hope Daniel Radosh doesn't go down the route of the kosherized pig, because that's just so unimaginative.


You could e-mail him. He's at radosh.net.

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