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January 21, 2008


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It wasn't a bad win for the Giants. I'd say they consistently outplayed the Packers. Coughlin found a nice mismatch between Al Harris and Plaxico Burress and exploited it, and I do think familiarity with former Giants Ryan Grant's rushing style helped them stop the run.

I am disappointed in McCarthy's inability to improvise a new game plan, but then I remember that it's his second year as head coach. Ever.

I would like to point out to all professional football referees who might be reading this blog that making bad calls in favor of one team is _not_ negated by making further bad calls in favor of the other team.

And while Giants fans might not deserve the win, it's not like they have any stake in the team either. Some plutocrat does, or some bookie, and the team might as well be on Mars. Instead of grassroots interaction, you have a media circus (look at the rise and fall of Tiki Barber). It's no wonder that Giants fans are volatile.

As for the bikini'ed fans, all I can say is: ah, my people.


The best part about that photo is all the guys who aren't paying the slightest bit of attention to the women, because they're focused on the game.

Packer Backers

That was a rough one, but the Pack redeemed themselves with Mr. Rodgers in 2010.

Linda Harbison

I see all sorts of Green Bay Packers stuff for sale now. I even saw motorcycle helmets with the Green Bay Packer Logos! They were at http://www.helmetshop.com/nfl.html
Whats next? Baby Diapers shaped like Cheese Heads?

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