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January 31, 2008


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Doesn't the figure of Huey look like John Goodman was the model? IMDB says Goodman played Long in a 1995 TV movie, which I may or may not have seen. Great picture, thanks for digging it up.

Doug M.

The painter is John McCrady, a New Orleans artist; the date is 1939. So I'd guess Long looks like pretty much like Long. (Which doesn't prevent him from looking like John Goodman too, of course.)

I do wonder if the pop-eyed bust on the right is true to life. I'd guess yes.

Doug M.

Will Baird


Over at Laelaps[1], he's asking for opinions on our favorite, Jared Diamond. Care to help with a good post? I'll be trying to squeeze one in later today.

1. http://scienceblogs.com/laelaps/


Will, I think Carlos might be otherwise occupied for the next few days.

Doug M.

James Bodi

Doug - nothing too serious, I hope?

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