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December 07, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

"Random tip: never accept a budget in pdf."

Heh, heh, heh. That would also, for the record, apply to discounted cash-flow and ROA models involving anything more complex than a savings account. Not that I have any connections whatsoever to such stuff. That anybody can prove.

Dennis Brennan

Excel: Mighty, when it works. Terrible, when you're trying to cut and paste from Excel into Word.

A lawyer who knows how to use Excel can be a figure of awe and wonder.

I just wish that Excel would let me use a formula that isn't expressed in the form of a function, rather than making me do pencil and paper algebra to convert my formula into a function. I thought that if I had a computer, I wouldn't need to do the algebra by hand-- silly me. (Every time I have to do something like figure out how many warrants to issue to Mr. A, B, and C such that after such issuances, Mr. A has 10% of fully diluted stock, B has 8%; and C has 12%, I have to derive the formula by hand.)


Excel values can be linked into Word tables. I can't recommend it. I can disrecommend it. Damn Microsoft Office.

(On the other hand, Word 2007 is pretty sweet.)

Plenty of nice symbolic equation solvers out there. But I've never even tried to see if they're Excel compatible.

It's amazing what you can find in a locked pdf with a file cracker and the Adobe suite.

Dennis Brennan

Any good lawyer knows that the only safe PDF is an optical scan.

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