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December 31, 2007


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Noel Maurer

Amazing, the stuff on the internets these days.

Sorry to hear about the infection; glad to hear it's clearing. You should move to Boston.


The number of people in Wisconsin who deliberately would watch late night QVC just to catch Mike Rowe (let alone tape him) has to be very small.

None of them, as far as I know, live in Boston.


oh, all this talk of madison and screwing has distracted me plus you tube, which is my seekritest vice and now I will not get to write in my v own weblog about meat twinkies this year. but! is my ny's resolution for 2008! I swear it! I have to try to break someone's nose en flagrante in the next 58 minutes!

Sir Francis Burdett

of random links, Do you _know_ these people: http://wisconsinology.blogspot.com/


... it's like someone opened part of my brain and put it on display. No, I don't know them. But I feel as if I do, somehow.


nice to have a mention in a blog somewhere... I am indeed a madman, but not connected to your screwer in any way.

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