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December 10, 2007


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Will Baird

"Will Baird, I like mushrooms in my chili."

Interesting, interesting.

I've not had chili in years. I've not had GOOD chili in a very long time. I recently remade my homemade spaghetti for my wife and daughter because I'd not done it in years (oh the shame). I really ought to try to make them chili too. I'll contemplate mushrooms in there. hrm hrm hrm.

We get okroshka & piroshki more often here than some American staples. lol.

mmm. Okroshka. I need to make my wife whip some up since her finals are this week and she's going to have SOOOOO much free time on her hands for a bit.

My family, growing up, had clam chowder for Xmas even as part of a tradition and a turkey or ham for Xmas day. Here in my own family, it's become Borscht for Xmas Eve and a goose for Xmas day. The hybridization of traditions is turning out to be very, very fun. I can see why exogamy has been so popular in the bloodline. :)

Dennis Brennan

Where'd they get green peppers? I thought they were new world.


Sorry, I was a little unclear. The multiple allium/legume/meat stew combination is one of the oldest recipes known. But it was something like leeks and garlic ('spear-leek') with lentils with game fowl. Peppers aren't part of it, and strictly speaking kidney beans shouldn't be either, since they're New World as well.


This is my favorite type of leek (link may or may not work for you): http://www.leekspin.com/


The link doesn't work, but it's not that Japanese cartoon dubbed to this song, is it?


It's like something that would come on Wisconsin Public Radio after sunset (i.e. 4 PM).

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