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December 05, 2007


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Jasmine Pierce

I'm probably too innocent for my own good but what does the "Democrats want to work there" bit mean?


Maybe white male Democrats. I wouldn't have been allowed to work there. So, no.


What the quote refers to, I think, is that the 1950's saw powerful unions (at least in major manufacturing industries) and a more reliable social safety net than ours today. (Is the latter true? There was, after all, the widespread poverty documented by Michael Harrington, no Medicare, etc. -- if it was so great back then, what need for the Great Society?) The intended comparison, fair or not, is between a line worker for 1950's GM and a Wal-Mart associate today. The former could at least expect a stable career if he remained healthy.


"People who don't understand baseball won't admit this, but the game is actually simpler than football."

Well, yeah.

I will say this about baseball: at least broadcast coverage shows the whole field. For a game that's all about the forward pass, half the time you're left guessing how a play really developed.

Still, not as bad as hockey coverage.

Noel Maurer

It depends on the coverage, unfortunately. I have found myself yelling at the screen, "What are the infielders doing! Where are the outfielders!!"

It's the same problem as football, although my impression is that football coverage is steadily improving while baseball is getting a bit worse. I still do that trick of turning the sound off the TV and turning on the radio during baseball games.

To accurately cover a hockey game, you'd just show a shot from the ceiling for the entire time. And let's not mention the problems with showing soccer on the tube.

Jasmine Pierce

OT: Just curious - it's "Noel" for male and "Noëlle" for female right?

Noel Maurer

I think you're right, Jasmine, but I honestly don't know. I got the name because my father is named "Leon," and "Noel" sure beats "Leon Jr."

My mother always pronounced it "No-El," but that caused the other kids in the schoolyard to question my possession of a Y-chromosome. Since I wasn't able to persuade people to call me "Billy," I've gone by Noel (pronounced "knoll," more or less) ever since.

There's a Noel Watson here at HBS, and he pronounces it "No-El."

Death Race

We were the same ! I've been a fan also of the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers and I watched their winning at superbowl too. Keep posting ! Thanks for sharing.

Red Sox Watches

With high-def, watching hockey on tv has vastly improved. I think it also helps football and baseball, but not as much it helps hockey.

Turning the sound down on the tv and listening to the radio broadcasters is something I like to do as well. However, it doesn't always work because the radio broadcasters are ahead of the tv broadcasters by 10 seconds or more.

Spartan ab workout

Great stadium, isn't it ? I am a fan of New England Patriots, they were so good.

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