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December 14, 2007


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The New York City High School Math Teacher

Lemberg. Lwów. Львов.

We almost went to Везелка last Friday, but the pull of Japanese was too strong.

Where are all the classic Russian restaurants?

Will Baird

My wife's family makes some fantastic food: piroshki! wow. her okroshka is to DIE for. I put up the 'recipe' some time ago I think around last May. Greatgreatgreat stuff. Her borscht and rosolnik (sp) are fantastic too.

Makes it frakkin hard to keep the weight off it does.

The New York City High School Math Teacher

But Will, in this grand metropolis - there are *no* Russian qua Russian restaurants. At least, none that I have seen, not in Brighton Beach, nor in Jamaica Estates, nor in Manhattan (the Russian Tea Room I am dubious).

The last good Russian meal I had was at "Russian Tea Time" in Chicago, I guess six years ago.

Where are they? I'm dying for some zakuski!


When I've had Russian food in NYC, it wasn't in restaurants, but in clubs or bars. You might be looking in the wrong places.

Jussi Jalonen

"Where can I get Russian food"? You Americans really have strange problems.

You could make it yourself, for example. Anyone can make pickles or collect mushrooms, and if they don't sell smetana in New York City, I'm amazed.


J. J.

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