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November 10, 2007


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The New York City Math Teacher

Sounds like a blowout!

I really didn't know about Saint Martin's Day and the festivities thereof - which make, well, it's the 69th anniversary of that other thing.

And Opa's Jahrzeit was last night.


For sure you must be good at sawing things down. I watched how well you and Claudia did with that log at your wedding... :-)

Gareth Wilson

Yet another underpowered monk. Looks like he needs a prestige class.


I'm not altogether sure what you are trying to say, Dave.

Well, what are you trying to say?

Gareth Wilson

Sorry, that's a Dungeons and Dragons joke. They have "monk" characters who are widely considered to be rather feeble and the parable reminded me of that.

Syd Webb

Claudia wrote, "I'm not altogether sure what you are trying to say, Dave."

I am not the NYCMT but ITSM he may have meant the 89th anniversary - the end of the Great War.

The New York City High School Math Teacher

I didn't know that St. Martin's Day and the traditional kickoff of Carnival season, and, by accident of calendrical convergences, my grandfather's Jahrzeit (27 Marheshvan) turned out to be on Kristallnacht this year, which also happened to be the day before St. Martin's Day (which is Armistice Day). I got a little sad, is all.

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