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November 27, 2007


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I have to say, since I'm paid about 70% in Euros, I've really been enjoying the dollar crash.

James Bodi

At the end of my first time in Bermuda, the US dollar was worth about $1.60 Canadian. (The Bermuda dollar is pegged at 1 to 1 with the US dollar) It was around $1.25 or so when I came back down here, but now, oy.


well, middle-class americans lucky enough avail themselves of international employment have been lording that dollar over shitty economies to prop up a fake palatial lifestyle for ... just about forever.

it is something of a delicious irony, this twist in the global marketplace -- transplanted americans feeling their assets squeezed out of them a little at a time. just like the regular middle-class back home, if my reading of the ever-depressing nyt is at all accurate.

Bernard Guerrero

"if my reading of the ever-depressing nyt is at all accurate"

The question isn't your reading, of course, it's the NYT's accuracy. But anyway....

Me, I'm happy lording a national-market income over a decidely still-not-national local market. Enrichez vous! Go west, young woman!


Bernard, you are right. but it seems to be every effing day all about ARM tragedies and whole towns of people seeking dental care in circus tents and really eldery people in Maine who are so depressed they just can't wait for the day to end and let me tell you I was just in Maine and it gets dark at 3-fucking-forty-five, guy. I mean, if there is too much daylight in down east maine for someone? they are beyond depressed.

as to the rest, I don't believe a good brazilian can be had west of the hudson river, so I'll pass, but go with god, you.


The powers that be are playing a very dangerous game here and I fear an imminent recession on the horizon. Then again, I am not an economist...

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