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November 27, 2007


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Actually the best 8 out of 9 teams that place 2nd in their group also have a chance to qualify for the World Cup - they play each other for the 4 spots remaining after the group winners qualify. So it's possible that both Spain and Turkey can qualify. It means that Turkey, if they are behind Spain, will have an incentive to run up the score against Armenia if they are winning. Also, because some groups are 5 teams and some are 6 teams, to determine 2nd place results, only the results against the top 5 teams will count. So if Armenia finishes last, the Turkey-Armenia games might only matter for pride. But probably Estonia will take up that last spot instead of Armenia.

Andreas Morlok

>who don't have diplomatic relations and who, >to put it nicely, don't much like each other >-- in the same group.

Reminds me (somehow) of the first round in the 1974 World Cup - West Germany vs. DDR.

East Germany won.

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