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November 07, 2007


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The problem of Armenia having no sit down places which take less than an hour is an annoying one. There's at least one Chinese restaurant in the eastern part of Kentron district which I remember walking by and being actually shocked to see. Real Chinese people in Armenia?! This in a land where the locals are usually shocked to see anyone from ANYWHERE. I wonder if, being run by Chinese, they wouldn't be so influenced by Armenian time and you might be able to get things in a timely manner there. Whether that's the case is beyond me though because while it looked like a nice place, the idea of already sometimes notorious Chinese food in Yerevan of all places didn't really appeal to me. I'm sure it's fine though and I would have liked to have gone there in retrospect.

I'd be curious to hear your take on the strange dram appreciation- some say the government is doing it to benefit themselves as always. While everything is a conspiracy theory in Armenia, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case since it certainly isn't all that natural.

Will Baird

While everything is a conspiracy theory in Armenia...

This is a xUSSR republic thing. Ukrainians think EVERYTHING is a conspiracy. it often is there, sadly. The problem is that they bring that baggage here (Stateside) and that makes things difficult at times.

I'm constantly called naive because I DON'T see conspiracies. Until you get used to its, its a damned annoying thing. Then its just another part of the Ukrainian weather.

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