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November 14, 2007


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If you invented Armenian for a work of fiction, people would tell you you lacked seriousness.

Dennis Brennan

Could be worse, try reading Khmer or Burmese.

The sign in front of the big Armenian church in my town always looked, to my uneducated eyes, something like UnU|n||n3|u|nOunnnuun


I clicked the link! ow, my eyes! bar code! yes! xx-genius, you!


Oh come on to the commenter Michael, that's way too harsh.
If anyone complains about the Armenian alphabet all I have to say to you is look to your north! You think Armenian has a lot of squiggles? What on earth is with Georgian letters- or as it's better known "spaghetti thrown at the wall".

Thanks for the tip about the license plates, they definitely had me mixed-up with all the LOs, etc. I assumed it referred to provinces and saw LO in Lori, but then I started seeing OL and all this other stuff in non-O places and got really confused.
My biggest problem with signs in Armenia is that they are all in capitals. I have the lower case down fine but the capitals are a real pain. I really think you should give Armenian a chance, it's not THAT bad. I wasn't born knowing it but did get taught the letters at a young age and they haven't left me. I really enjoy the letters and spelling is easier than english because it's much more phonetic (but the darn two "ch"s are truly bizarre.) Armenian has too many letters now because during ancient times the sounds were much more distinct, but now the ch's at least are almost identical. The whole two P sounds (which actually still are different- but the true 'pen' sound is almost impossible for people including myself not brought up speaking Eastern).

Syd Webb

Dennis Brennan wrote, "Could be worse, try reading Khmer or Burmese."

On the other hand the Lao language uses the Sanskrit alphabet so no biggie.

Doug M.

With Khmer (Cambodian), the problem is not so much the alphabet as the font. Imagine if everything written in English used gnarly Gothic.

Doug M.

Dennis Brennan

As a young kid, my introduction to exotic scripts was in the frontplate and backplate of the Gideon Bible. They would print translations of John 3:16 in various languages.

Bernard Guerrero

"On the other hand the Lao language uses the Sanskrit alphabet so no biggie."

Damn, those Indo-europeans got around, didn't they.

Dennis Brennan

For a discussion of a typography dispute that acquired political collotations, see


The Nazis were for Fraktur script, before they were against it.


My name is Robin and i am trying to found out how to write my sons name in Armenian. my husband is Armenian and we named our son Levon
Could anyone please help me? i have looked at the alphabet but i can't find letter big enough to print off so that i can learn how to write. please help?

For robin

ԼԵՎՈՆ in caps
Լեվոն otherwise.

For robin

ԼԵՎՈՆ in caps
Լեվոն otherwise.

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