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November 21, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

"I'm running down my mental list of living SF authors, wondering how many would sit there saying "I want my nachos," while the grey goo was crawling down the street outside. I'm coming up with... not zero names, but not many. Fingers of one hand."

Unfair comparison! The Germans had a very good chance of missing you. Grey goo....


Man wants his cheese. Respect.

Let's give the devil his due: JEP would stagger out of his bunker with a high-pressure weed sprayer, an M-16, and that bottle of rye he hides in his toilet tank.

Bernard, the concept of grey goo was devised by people who deliberately wanted to set up a parallel to nuclear war, but never bothered to investigate the evolution and energetics of rotting. The second half of _Engines of Creation_ is filled with those sort of retro MIT Cold Warrior anxieties.

Carlos -- in the heart of cheeseness.

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