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November 15, 2007


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I don't know where you heard that orcish Haykakan Zhamanak is pretty reliable or if it is in general, but not in this political case. HZ is essentially Ter-Petrossian's mouthpiece and infamously reported his previous rally (which had about 10-13k people) as having like 40k-60k. This is dispite the fact the square it was held in is definitely not able to accomodate more than 20k people squished like sardines. I don't know if the general actually ate the paper, sounds perfectly plausible for a drunk guy to do, but one obviously has to keep in mind HZ is the source most behind the opposition and therefore not creditible on this particular issue.
Bring on the Kafka!


Geez, Doug. That's not our wedding anniversary. That's my birthday.

But you knew that. At least, today you did.


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