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November 19, 2007


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Andrew R.

I would have thought you to be more of a Hillary Supporter, given that you're a pretty centrist guy as far as I can tell. Is the charisma (and its ability to translate into results) the reason you're going for Obama?


Hillary is not a centrist. In any sane country she'd be considered a conservative.

It occurs to me that I still own a house in Indiana. That makes me a resident, right? So even if I live in Puerto Rico, I could vote in the national election? Because the house has been on the market since March. Something tells me they ain't gonna buy it any time soon.

Gareth Wilson

I understand what Obama's getting at, but I still think describing Americans earning $97,000 as "upper class" is problematic. It's not all about money.


I've been having similar, though less colorful, experiences canvassing for Edwards in Keene (not far from Gill MA, where I'm mostly living). There was an HRC canvasser working the same neighborhood as me yesterday. I've seen some Obama lit dropped at the same not-home people I've canvassed.

We're getting HRC lawn signs, and a rather surprising number of Richardson signs -- not many of ours yet. Lots of people I talked to are still undecided, including a lot of "not Hillary" men whom I worry about for the general if HRC is the nominee.

I second Noel's recommendation of canvassing as a Good Thing for both canvasser and canvassee, and I like the reality of the NH primary despite the obvious absurdity of the outsized influence of such a small number of people.

Michael, residency rules are complicated and locally determined. It's certainly possible that Indiana would allow you to remain registered as an absentee property owner, but you would have to ask them to be sure. In MA and NH they ask "where do you consider to be your home" but don't get into specifics of how often you sleep where. A friend of mine lives in school-provided housing in MA but owns a vacation home in NH -- he wanted to vote in NH for 2004 but determined that he would have to lie to the NH officials to register there and decided not to.

Bernard Guerrero

Be quiet, Gareth! I'm basking in the limelight of my impromptu promotion out of the hoi polloi.

(And Noel, your anti-Hil instincts are probably correct. While I'll probably end up voting for Rudy, she doesn't strike me as a fearful alternative.)

Jussi Jalonen

"I have a beef with Obama. He says he's a Muslim, but he swore in on an outdated English translation of the Holy Qur'an!"

Would you be surprised at that kind of feedback? By the way, I also have a Bob Marley T-shirt.

Regarding crisis periods in democratic countries, hah. The country that I live in instituted its very first forced labour laws since the Tsarist times just on Friday. But the nurses' strike seems to be cancelled, so regretfully the government shan't be able to institute its jackboot fantasies.


J. J.


What cheers me about this country is that there are a lot of people who think Obama is a Muslim and still want to vote for him. Honestly, I think our chattering classes are rather more bigoted than Random Sample, USA.

Andrew, centrist? Northern moderate Democrat hawk who, through a simple cause and effect relationship, has no particular interest in building bridges with the Republicans. I would put the odds of The Big Payback during a Hillary presidency as about 70:30.

(Some people, including incredibly angry former Republican John Cole, see this as a good thing. I don't confuse 'vastly entertaining' with 'good' myself, although I do think in this case they might be correlated.)


Noel, this sounds like a blast. One of the things we'll miss until we move back.

(Ah, what am I thinking? Kids.)

Doug M.

Will Baird

I would put the odds of The Big Payback during a Hillary presidency as about 70:30.

erm. Big Payback?

I had too little sleep last night...

Mike R.

Good for you, and good luck.

Noel Maurer

Hi, Jussi,

Belated response to your question, "Would you be surprised at that kind of feedback?"

Well, yes, I would. It would imply that somebody was going to vote for Obama because he thought Obama was a Muslim, and then changed his mind when he got information that Obama was a /bad/ Muslim.

That would be surprising behavior for a member of a non-Christian religious minority in the United States; the equivalent of a religious Jew saying, "I'm gonna vote for the goyische candidate because Amy Klobuchar puts pepperoni on her pizza."

Senator Klobucher (D-Minnesota) isn't Jewish, which makes the parallel complete. Our hypothetical voter is confusing her with Representative Janice Schakowsky (D-Illinois).

Not crazy the way Crazy Old Man's belief that a Muslim couldn't be an American is crazy, but certainly surprising.

I'm coming back to this because Mitt Romney has lately uttered a string of repulsive insinuations that he wouldn't appoint a Muslim to his cabinet.

This is particularly f***ed-up because the Republicans, unlike the Democrats, have a number of qualified Muslims who would make great cabinet members, including a no-brainer for Secretary of State.

How can anyone even think about voting for these jokers? Huckabee's the only one I can respect somebody for supporting. He hates abortion and his tax plan is insane --- but it's /bad for poor people/ insane, not "things fall up" insane like the rest of them. And he's not a lying sack of s*** who thinks the Bill of Rights is obsolete. Plus, he doesn't villify people who disagree with him. So I'd vote for him over, say, Dennis Kucinich.

But none of the others. They're just crazy.


You know, some of my guy relatives at the Thanksgiving table -- who are not very political, but they know what they like -- thought there might be something to Kucinich. There's obviously something more to him than meets the eye.

The only Republican sentiment I saw was a lone sign for Ron Paul. And this is Bircher country. I think my old allergist now representative (D) is going to be re-elected.

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