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November 29, 2007


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We're headed to Tony Frank's tonight. As long as Catie doesn't start talking about how much she likes the Dallas uniforms, it'll be okay.


There is also this one: "You're not Brett Favre's buddy."


Sir Francis Burdett With Arms Wide Open


well it's trite to say that penalties killed 'ya (of course it's trite to say "it's trite to say)

but in the end this game really didn't matter that much. These two teams will meet again in the post season will they not?

A good thing came out of the game namely Aaron Roders performance: 18/26 C/ATT 201 passing 64 yards rushing.

[I didn't know much about Rodgers before tonight, but he did front the late 90's schlock band "Creed" did he not?]


Home field advantage: the sterile dome of Dallas or the frozen tundra of Green Bay? I suppose to be absolutely fair, they could have all the games at Pittsburgh.

(Wisconsin secret: for the chilly aluminum benches at Lambeau, get those hot pad deer-blind/tractor seats at the local Fleet & Farm. Having written that, I realize I am from freakin' Mars.)

Sister Francis Sunshine

>Home field advantage: the sterile dome of Dallas or the frozen tundra of Green Bay?

well I was trying to Accen-tu-Ate the positive

on a side note, the one Packer bar that I knew of within the Atlanta city limits (there are surely more out in the suburbs) is now a gay sports pub.

Doug M.

I checked the game time last night, then checked the game this morning. Caught the last five minutes.

Apparently Carlos : me :: uncovered plate of chopped raw onions : open container of milk.

Doug M.

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