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November 26, 2007


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hey, do you remember that whole Josie & the Pussycats felony extortion thing I found myself wrapped up in? that guy was from Fond du Lac. he was King of the Assholes. but also, kind of seventy-pounds-of-quarters dim. the greater Fond du Lac + Beaver Dam metropolitan area is also halfway to the Portage County family compound, so you make yr own decisions about what I know about it on the ground.

you will get something v surprising in the mail today ... gros bisous!


You didn't see the "New London Man Shoots Goat" headline? I bet his daughter passes on his messages to get beer from now on. I don't know how to put links in here, so you can just Google the headline.


That was just sad. They brought their goats to the Dairy Queen!

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