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November 23, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

I look forward to the upcoming clash between the denizens of the Great White North and my newly adopted homeland. Of course, either way Wisconsin wins.

On an unrelated note, and assuming the excess of turkey has not made you mindless, what's you BOTE estimate for ETFC's net worth per share? Keep in mind that they're sitting on a bit more than $4.00 in cash-on-hand. This is not an academic question, I purchased more than I'd care to think about on Tuesday and I'm sitting on an instant 30%+, but CNBC is talking buyout and my nerve suddenly wants to fail me. Badly.


Bernard, I truly have no idea, and I think that's part of E-Trade's problem.

This is not advice, or nor is it meant to be advice, only a reflection on my own personal trading temperament: if I held your hand, I would cash out some fraction until I felt gut comfortable with my position, and never look back at missed opportunities.

But, obviously, we're very different people.

Bernard Guerrero

Oh, but opportunity costs *hurt*! Half the fun of SHWI was exploring the foregone possibilities like a tongue checking for a tooth you lost in a bar fight.

Anyway, I can't tell either. I just know it's north of $4, hence the position. The nerve failed, I cashed out 86% at the close. Getting older sucks....

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