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November 19, 2007


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Brad Holden

Wasn't there some whining a few years back about too much parity in the NFL?

Now there are two 9-1s, and 10-0 and a 0-10 team.


Poor Miami.

The mid-ranked teams are often close in strength, but at the top tier, this year has been pretty astonishing. Belichick-Brady-Moss. Dungy-Manning. Romo-Owens. And, um, Favre-McCarthy.

I would love to know how Belichick keeps Moss from running over meter maids while stoned off his gourd. Ritalin? A shock collar? A promise made on the Ring?

In Green Bay, we've known for years, it's whatever goes on in Favre's head. It's a very strange place.

Syd Webb

Carlos wrote, "You know, under the old Soviet targeting plan, there would have been one team left in the NFL? Guess which."

Brezhnev was a Packers fan? Who knew?

Actually, when you think about it, it makes a *whole* lot of sense.

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