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November 20, 2007


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Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Is it possible to be anachronistic and ancient?

That said, where did you get the translation you used? It reminds me of my favorite translator of Aristophanes, Plautus, etc, Douglass Parker

Bernard Guerrero

I seem to recall that Steve-O and Chris Pontius did a segment with some members of the Aghori sect a couple of years ago. Tompkins Square Park sounds about right....


Bernard, this one?


Yeah, except they're a little more down-market. "I wished that Glenn Danzig could have been there." Jeez, I have Danzig on _tape_. Time to get the Geritol.

AL-A, it's David Lorenzen's translation from Tantra in Practice, edited by David Gordon White, part of the Princeton Readings in Religion series.

Bernard Guerrero

Tape? Clearly you didn't read Noel's recent side-note on the rapid depreciation of tech capital. Didn't you move pretty recently?

Granted, I just shipped a perfectly servicable but antiquated 19" TV halfway across the country. Couldn't bear to chuck something that still worked....

The New York City High School Math Teacher


It's easier to cue tape or LP; the physical objectness of the tape or the LP (or wax cylinder) might be the repository of sentiment; if it can render a web page and generate a PDF, why upgrade? C'est utile.

See, this is one of my problem with the transition from NTSC to ATSC, and the corresponding promulgation of the HD standards - it's pushing a technical and infrastructural trend which means that people will need to consume more merely to retain the same hedonic value. Is HD that valuable? Is the narrowed spectrum use that valuable? Why are we subsidizing television manufacturers?

Similarly, a push is on to digitize radio, which means never, ever, ever again catching skips of WCCO or RCI-Winnipeg in upstate NY. Every radio built between 1920 and 2007 loses all value. Gotta buy a little computer to listen to broadcasts, which means more battery usage, which means radios get chunkier. I suppose we're supposed to listen to podcasts and Itunes playlists and Imus anyway.

Further, what do encryption standards mean for open broadcasts and free speech?

Ugh. I always knew the FM transmitter on Elk Point Road. I knew how to splice 1/4" magtape. I knew the wiring behind the board. When I ran EBS tests, you can be damn sure Conelrad was emblazoned on the tone generator rack unit. And you could hear Jeff on your fillings if you were standing in the right place. Digital.

My tape deck is broken, too....

Doug M.

Followed that link... I had not encounted Ian Gittins before. Let's see:

"Crüe drummer Tommy Lee was my first point of call for vintage tales of narcotic heroism, and he did not disappoint.

"'I was a party animal back then, sure, but Sixx was out there,' Lee reflected, from the rare personal vantage point of the moral high ground."


"Now sober for many years, Sixx was determined that his drug-fuelled transgressions should be painted in the most candid and harshest light. Luckily, his family, friends and ex-lovers were happy to oblige."

Okay, that's amusing stuff. I guess rock journalism is something the Guardian does well.

Doug M.


Did you know this is now the 8th link on Google for "Mattavilasa"?

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