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November 17, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

I believe that's the _return_ of the Haunted Tank. You need to put up a link to the original. And the anti-Nazi circus gorilla one.


Bernard, you mean like these?


In Azzarello and Chiang's Doctor 13: Architecture and Mortality, the ghost of JEB Stuart attacks the Lincoln portion of the Mount Rushmore monster (from memory): "Cad! Charlatan! Bandicoot! Your craggy visage haunts my ghostly nightmares!" sticking his cavalry saber into Lincoln's eye while on flying ghost horseback. Architecture and Mortality is THOROUGHLY WORTHWHILE.

Kanigher, the original writer, was kind of nuts too. But Ennis sort of intimates that the reason old Jeb is hanging around is because he fought on the wrong side, and has to atone for it. By killing lots of Nazis! UNDEAD Nazis. LICH Nazis. Oh hell yes.

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