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November 24, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

"My dream, at 15 years of age, was to move to Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA"


"Bear in mind I’ve never, not even once, seen snow before in my life"

= Nut

But good for him! I know the feeling, though long-term unemployment is not an option.


I turn to Syd for analysis of election results. Was the lead cause of Howard's downfall the anti-Unionism, the Occupation, or Kyoto? I've seen all three bruited as the cause of his fall, but I'd like an Ozzy to tell me proper.


... election?

Bernard, it's only cold. It's not like his homeland, where everything is flammable or poisonous.

Syd Webb

"People in Australia, 999 in 1000 at least, don’t care for American Football"

ISTM this is an overstatement. There are four of my mates in the Australian Design Group who are knowledgeable about gridiron, know the correct spelling of Favre/Fauvre and enjoy the sport with as much a passion as they do Rugby League. [Although not the fanaticism they have for Australian Rules, where they will frequently hop on an aeroplane to see a game.]

Luke, I don't want to hijack Doug and Carlos' blog. Let's just say an opposition leader who was intelligent, hard-working and sane - and a government leader who was entangled in 11 years of contradictions and lies. The Orwellian-named WorkChoices and climate change were significant factors; the alleged war crimes less so.

Back on topic, go the Green and Gold!

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