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November 21, 2007


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Darn M-bag rates just doubled, since it's now all air freight. (Did this stop me? no. usual mix of new, good, old, weird, street finds, and Grant Morrison. I have been remiss in picking up copies of Martha Stewart's Living though.)

Noel Maurer

Doug, how much is shipping? I have a slew of titles that you might like and may not have read. I'd be happy to send a few.


Don't get me started on the damn air freight. It's like punishment for sending Christmas presents to the family in Budapest. ("If they wanted Christmas, they shoulda moved to the States!") Stupid Americans. (Except for me, for values of "me" possibly including "Bernard".)

Doug (not Muir)

Another feature of airport book stores in and around Central Europe is that they often have a good selection of topical books; histories of the country/region, books by leading authors translated into English, and so forth. Okecie in Warsaw is particularly good, making up for a long (though not by travel-to-Armenia standards) layover.

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