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October 30, 2007


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My head explodes when I contrast things like the About page at the MCC with current domestic and international news content.

Yes, yes, I know this is nothing new. Still.

Dennis Brennan

I am not an economist (which you know).
Social return can, in theory, be negative, right? For instance, what if the aid consists of a free shipment of extremely addictive painkillers.

Noel Maurer

Dennis: of course! That's a "negative externality." Belching smoke is the classic example.

It's less common with aid; some researchers have linked it to corruption, but the link is weak. I can't think of too many other examples --- it's interesting that you mentioned painkillers, because there is a shortage of opiates in much of the developed world.

Oh, gosh, should I post about Afghanistan? I've been kinda avoiding that.

Will Baird

Oh, gosh, should I post about Afghanistan?


Noel Maurer

Y'know, people, I am very disappointed that I got not one single groan from the pun in the opener to this post.

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