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October 04, 2007


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hello, ducks. I just earlier today re-named someone Lana for the purposes of talking shit about her in my weblog. so, please stop lurking in my head. unless you are going to dress up like Dick Butkus.

this is funny to me all by myself for two reasons: one anecdote from a road trip and one extra-unfortunate night in our apt. remember, the road the the ER is paved with really lascivious intentions!

Doug M.

Montenegro's first appearance was in the spring of 1981.

I was a senior in high school, at NYMA. I liked the character so much I based a villain on him in my D&D campaign.

But apparently I was almost the only one. Montenegro would make just one more appearance -- in 1982 -- and then would disappear, never to be seen in the pages of Marvel comics again.

Oh well.

ER: once. But it's not an appropriate story for a family oriented blog.

Doug M.

A New York City Math Teacher

You went to high school in Cornwall, Doug?


Noel Maurer

This blog needs more obscure pop-cultural references.

And music videos. More music videos.

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