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September 20, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

Glad to hear it looks minor! Good luck, and I hope the ulcers stay away.


Fingers crossed.

Why didn't they identify it? Welcome to the wonderful world of medicine.

I'm pretty sure that the answer is very simple. Dietary changes are nigh impossible to study in a clinical setting because you can't get people to record what they're actually eating (and they lie, to themselves and to you). Anything without plenty of clinical studies will never be trusted by practicing physicians -- too risky. So practicing physicians very rarely have any idea about the effects of diet, and that *includes* the gastroenterologists, at least in our experience.


Thank God.

On the other hand, I see around the same thing happening:doctors being seconded (or even replaced, in your case) by Google.

Michael M.

Kudos to you Claudia for putting so much work into this and arriving at the answer. And here's hoping Jacob is back in perfect fighting condition soon.

Randy McDonald

I'm glad it has worked out.


Your entries about your son were fascinating to me, especially this one. I am happy to know that he is doing much better.

Cirque Du Bebe

Hi, we just did a google search for patchy tongues because my 3 yr old son has one of and on and ALSO loose watery stools since I can remember. So glad I found this site and especially glad for the news that it is normal.

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