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July 18, 2007


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la femme

I did not ask you to write more, I just suggested that producing content might be a way to drive traffic. put that projector down, or the union guys will get mad.

that last bullet makes me laugh & laugh helplessly, you know. that kind of gasping boneless gaeity that allows you to persist, despite yr v obvious flaws.

Bernard Guerrero

Hmnn. Am I to take it that Señora Femme is no longer crazy? I note that I'm actually starting to understand her posts.

la femme

oye, Bernardo, no se meta usted donde los chismes no le llaman, ¿ok? mil gracias.

Noel Maurer

Si uses "Bernardo," no hay problema con tutear a él. Eso aparte, HDTD es un foro público y debe de ser accesible a todos, ¿no?


My funeral is going to be so much fun.


... you know, I think I am going to be removing some comments here. Jesus Christ, people.

Done. Don't start this up again. Don't pretend to not start it up again by alluding to it obliquely. No one here is too dumb to not get it. I don't hear about it offline either. I am actually pissed off enough at present to hang up or walk out if the topic comes up, and I doubt this will change for some time.

Have I made myself clear? good.

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