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April 27, 2007


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Will Baird

Amusing anecdote: Ukrainians think that red hair is horrible and my wife dreaded the possibility that our daughter might have inherited it. My Italian great grandfather from Piacenza had flaming red hair[1]. Lyuda also has some red headed relatives. She was...concerned.

Neither of us actually expected that Avrora would turn out to be blonde! There are no blondes back at least 4 generations in Lyuda's ancestral line.

1. I (heart) funky ancestral genetics. I'm assuming either we have a Celtic ancestral component in the Italian side, a Germanic element or both. Yes, yes, Noel, more boring pasty folk ancestry details.

Totally different subject: Richardson. Outsider's opinions? I have a nontrivially biased opinion of him - and won't be voting for him if he makes it to the final round of the presidential deathmatch - but I am interested in what you all think.


Richardson's wonderful tenure at DoE? Or were there other things in New Mexico?

Setting aside character, I get the impression that he's a classic negative stereotype of a consultant.

I'm heterozygous on the Punnett square. Should I marry a hypothetical Recessive Lass, our kids will look surprising.

Will Baird

Richardson's tenure at DOE was one of the ticks (ok, slashes) that I have against him. Los Alamosians have nontrivial issues with him over the whole Wen Ho Lee thing and other screw-ups that time period.

There's been a bunch of other NMican things that haven't been that good either. I left NM prior to his election as governor though, but friends left behind are relating a bunch of unhappiness there with him. Now, granted, they are of a more conservative stripe than I am though.

Ironically, he actually put a + mark on my resume: he gave me nominations to the Naval and Military Academies back in Dec 1991. It's one of those plus ticks that's helped my career ever since[1].
I don't I can vote for the guy even if he is facing down some nasty from my party.

Speaking of Punnett squares and such, black hair and brown != same thing, da? Just curious. Lyuda has black, black hair. Also, another amusing one is one of our friends' daughter: mother is Chinese immigrant with no western ancestors for a loooong time. Husband is a midwestern son/giant. Daughter has blonde hair.

Oh, and don't tempt me further into registering www.LetsBreedCarlosYu.com or www.CarlosYuForTheBachelor.com. ;)

1. However, when I doing the fitness test part of set of things you have to do for getting into the academies, The former colonel who was Richardson's representative there was very excitedly going around looking for the kid from Los Alamos. "Are you Los Alamos?" "Are you Los Alamos?" he kept asking a lot of different kids, but not me. He went to all the other kids before he acknowledged me and my attempts to get his attention. He was visibly disappointed with me. I kept hoping it was because I was gangly and thickly bespectacled[2].

2. MatSci has come a loooong way since 1991/2. Most people say something like that my eyes can't be that bad because my lenses aren't that thick. Then I have them put them on and often get religious scatological comments afterwards.

Noel Maurer

Will, I don't whether that fact that I can't muster up any sort of serious response to your query after watching ... this time on TV, instead of in person ... another defeat of the great New York Yankees is a sign that Richardson is a bad candidate or that I simply can't hold my alcohol anymore, given my newfound state of cohabitation (until 6/7/08, when we'll graduate, hooray!) with a most beautiful teetotaler. Who happens to be in another city this particular evening.

So I'll hold off. But I suspect the former. Carlos can probably answer for me. There are things I like about the man (like not being a member of the Republican Party) but most of them have to do with his rather surprisingly successful career as an ad hoc diplomat. Conclusion, not yet formed ... although, Will, honestly, is there a GOP candidate whom you believe would make a better president?

Will Baird

although, Will, honestly, is there a GOP candidate whom you believe would make a better president?

I read this yesterday when I had to make a run for something at work[1]. I've wrestled with it since, honestly. I've, figuratively, stood nose-to-nose with Richardson and his actions and find them very unpalatable. I've had friends' families trashed because of his actions. I cannot say that I am objective: hence my questions to you all. That said given my immense distaste for him, you'd think I'd easily say there are better candidates than Richardson. That I have a hard time doing. Six months ago, I would have said McCain easily. Now...well...let's just say I am putting them on par right now. That ought to say something too.

1. I drove by the interstate collapse each way to take a look. It was breathtaking in a horrible, nasty way. It happened less than a crow-mile from our apartment. There's a bridge over the Amtrack tracks in Emeryville (40th str to Shellmound) that's perfect for viewing the meltdown. The traffic was horribly snarled on the surface roads as you can imagine. It was amde worse when Gavin Newsom et al showed up on that same bridge with an entourage including lots of cops which blocked even more lanes instead of just clogging it with people trying to find their way around the dropped span.

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