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April 15, 2007


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I can go ahead and look; world cat throws up a few promising leads; what author/title are you working out of?


My favorite story along those lines is Thomas Dallam's, the organ-builder Queen Elizabeth I sent to Sultan Mehmed III as part of a goodwill and technical transfer mission.

Careful of the cough -- March was bruised lung month for me.

Tony Zbaraschuk

Post! Post! This sounds like a great story I've never heard before


Doug, to get the full flavor of the weirdness, you have to post about all three Sherley brothers, Thomas, Anthony, and Robert. Anthony's run to Archangel is just a small part of their story. (No, I don't have an excerpt yet -- looks like Le Strange's Don Juan Of Persia: A Shi'ah Catholic, 1560-1604 might be the best bet.) Keep in mind that Tony kinda sorta intended to get to all the Catholic courts, so he was going to Prague from Moscow by way of the Arctic Ocean.

(Digging around, I see that some loon has claimed he wrote Shakespeare's plays. Like, in his copious spare time?)


OMG! And here I was impressing my mother-in-law with knowledge of Maria von Trapp's premarital doin's. Let's hear more!



Having read Le Strange for a variety of things, I'm leery of handing him off for this sort of thing; he, and Mez, have some very, well, peculiar ideas about Muslims, to the point where I'm sure they're both nuts. Give me another day, and I'll have an alternative list


Luke, it's a translation from the Spanish. I'm not much interested in the interpretive commentary of someone born before the Crimean War, but I am interested in the travel narrative from Moscow to Spain.

But if you have a more recent translation, or (better yet) a version of the original text, I'd love to see it. The Spanish title is "Las relaciones de Don Juan de Persia", and the last critical edition looks to be Madrid, 1946, a provenance which does not inspire me with confidence.

Robert P.

Hmm. Is this 16th century Anthoney Shirley a progenitor, or relative, of William Shirley, Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony during the {Seven Years' | French and Indian} War ? Seems likely, given the vagueries of 18th century spelling.


Not an ancestor, since Anthony became a Catholic in the service of Spain, but his grandfather was Roxbury Bill's great-to-the-somethingth grandfather.

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