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March 21, 2007


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The NEw York City Math Teacher

Not much. Someone opened the window...
(and influenza..)
Ahem. Tip your waitrons and busthings.

How expensive and/or available are pharmaceuticals in Armenia?

Will Baird

They're not boring, btw.

World building! Let's do some world building!

Bernard Guerrero

Sub-prime mortgage lenders! I'm buying with two fists. Distressed assets rock!


I'd like to hear more about Armenian politics; they seem like as much fun as a soap opera, and as serious as a head wound.

I do find the expat/weather/family stuff fascinating.

Btw, are you ever going to finish "sane Henry VI"?

Noel Maurer

Considering what a meltdown in the sub-prime mortgage market will do to the rest of my portfolio, I find it hard to replicate Bernard's enthusiasm. Although I do understand the sentiment. I'm not sure, however, if the suggestion is to buy shares in the lenders, or the distressed assets themselves. The former is not unreasonable, although it's not a sure thing either unless you have great confidence in the inverse of the Greater Fool theory or have run a worst-case scenario that shows the ROE at current prices and a high (but reasonable) projection of default risk is above a certain critical level.

The latter is probably a good idea, although I would suggest waiting a few months for the shakeout in the sub-prime mortgage market to run its course, since I am not convinced that prices have bottomed out.

That said, Doug, since marriage and family is soon to be upon me, I do not find the domestic posts boring at all. Educational, rather. In that vein: Do you have a television?

Will Baird


Noel?! You're tying the knot?!

Dude! Congratulations!

Damn, I miss all the fun in my binary enduced haze.

Mike Ralls

Congradulations Noel! Super news and I'm really happy for you.

Something must be in the air, I'm having a dinner party tonight at my house and their are going to be five (5!) engaged couples there, including myself and my fiance.

Doug, I ditto Noels thoughts on the domestic posts not being boring ones but rather find them interesting and educational.

But if you're looking for other things to post, then how about Armenian geek culture? D&D is nonexistent in Armenia, but what about Anime? Sci-Fi? Any cons? What do the geeks do in Armenia?


The New York City Math Teacher

Noel - If your line of inquiry is going where I think it go, I'm thinking they don't have cable but they do retain an inhouse A-V presentation capability. Doug, you can confirm or deny.

Leah and I agreed years ago that in the interests of raising literate and not post-literate offspring, there warn't gonna be cable of any kind. I did attach a broadcast adapter to her computer, but turning on the TV is an incredibly convoluted task involving many button pressings. I'm socking away years of PBS documentaries and golden age cartoons[1] to supply said offspring with healthy fare.

[1] Woody Woodpecker, Popeye, Bugs BUnny, golden age simpsons, crap like that.

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