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February 20, 2007


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Jussi Jalonen

Hm. What would be interesting?

Why don't you continue with the descriptions of everyday life, since that seems to work already? What are the local pastime interests? Are there shooting ranges offering possibilities to vent one's frustrations? Have you done any hunting, or perhaps ice-fishing in the local mountain lakes, or do you know anyone who has done? Is there any nearby place downtown where one could dance tango? Are there any local amateur brass bands that like to hold performances? How do the Armenians celebrate their equivalent of the currently-ongoing Shrovetide, if at all?

That should get something going, no? Or, if you want to write something politically substantial, well, the last day's news told a story of the ongoing police cooperation program between Estonia and Georgia, through which Georgian policemen are trained in Estonia. Does Armenia have similar contract with any of the more fortunate former Soviet republics?



There used to be quite a bit of tobacco grown in Wisconsin, pipe and chaw, in the more Norwegian areas. (Two feet of snow? Eh.) The rise of the cigar and the cigarette put paid to that.

I'm not sure why wines haven't taken off on the western shore of Lake Michigan. The lucrative ice wines especially would seem to be a natural, and the Riesling or Gewurtztraminer would fit local tastes. They're not brandy grapes, of course, but the area is more suited for applejack or kirsch production anyway.

Anyway, digression. No pomegranates in Wisconsin: advantage, Armenia!

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