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February 23, 2007


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I did not say "dull." I said it felt like naptime. being my most splendid soporific did not used to vex you so.

galleon insurance is pretty much the dullest thing on this list, actually.

Andrew R.

I have to ask what motivates you to get to these articles? Do you just go to J-STOR and and randomly pick things that look interesting to you or is there a method to your madness?

Syd Webb

Carey - The sun's night journey, a Pharaonic image in medieval Ireland

Looks interesting, wish I had JSTOR access.

Is it related to the folk belief of the Gaels that they were of Egyptian descent?

Mike R.

The ones that sounded interesting to me are:

> Chung - The transformation . . .

> Conway and Kochen - The free will theorem

> Cucker and Smale - On the mathematical foundations of learning

> De Vany and Walls - Uncertainty in the movie industry, does star power reduce the terror of the

> Derluguian - Review, The Destruction of the Soviet Union, a study in globalization

> Dixon - Words for tobacco in American Indian languages

> Drucker - 'In the tropics there is no sin', sexuality and gay-lesbian movements in the Third Wor...


Bernard Guerrero

Diaz - The Spanish average system of insurance and loss prevention

Actually, galleon insurance sounds pretty good. I wanna see how they handled the "fat tails" problem for the loss distribution.

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