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February 22, 2007


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Mike Ralls

> Barzilai - A genotype of exceptional longevity is associated with preservation of cognitive func...

As my mind is faiding in my old old age, this type of thing is becoming more and more interesting to me.

> Bisin - Religious intermarriage and socialization in the United States

This is looking to be of personal interest to me, so yea I�m interested in hearing more about it if you�re willing to talk.

> Blockmans - Logistics of warfare in central Italy, 1527-1530

If I ever get around to writing another chapter of Brave New Old World, then this could be very useful as the Italian Wars got all disrupted by the Tlogotle virus.

> Boscaro - An introduction to the private correspondence of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Very interested in this one. Hideyoshi was always my second favorite of the big three.



am torn between death of laughter and rip van winkle's nap. plus, have not thought of Dotty's for years. o, v best fountain sodas in whole world. ::fanning self::

earlier txt msg with draconian last sentence was only to assure you there will be no flip-flopping, not to be all bossy. I know you like to be the boss.

I somehow uninstalled flash & cannot get back previous version + new version cannot run on os. ergot, email interface does not run. ahahaha, shoemaker's wife always barefoot + pregnant. expect more txt msgs! xx

Syd Webb

"Last week I have mostly been buying books with authors whose names start with 'B'."

Beekley and Watts - Combat trauma experience with the United States Army 102nd Forward Surgical ...

The real life M*A*S*H?

Robert P.

This particulary division of your sock drawer could benefit from a few "Berry, Michael V." entries, IMO. After all, how many living Mathematical Physicists can you name who have had their most notable achievements memorialized in a "Zippy the Pinhead" cartoon ?
(http://suitsmac.chem.wayne.edu/~r4/asweb public_html/suitsgroup/pages/ziptemp.html).

Spike Gomes

I too am interested in the Hideyoshi paper. Is it currently available online?

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