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January 15, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

Hey, my Mom's old line of work! Cryosections, staining, slides. I was the first kid on my block with a microscope and a tumor biopsy.

Dennis Brennan

Enjoy your visit here. The Mutter is always a great place to bring a first date...

You guys must have brought the Wisconsin cold here with you, damn you.

As long as you're here, just don't try to discuss the 1:56 punt with anyone: you'll make those around you even more sullen and combative.


As long as y'all never bring up 4th-and-26, I think we can reach a modus vivendi.

Dennis Brennan

Deal. I can guarantee that it will not come up, for two reasons:

1) McNabb isn't the golden boy in local popular opinion anymore; Garcia is.

2) We'd really rather have something to complain about. While you're here, listen to 610 AM in the morning if you want to confirm this. (It's also a great way for yiz to brush up on your Philly accent.) They also talk about Wing Bowl a lot, which seems likely to be the sort of spectacle that you might find of interest.


Well, I'm back in Brooklyn, and won't be back in Philly until St. Patrick's Day, so my football talk will probably have moved on to F/a/v/r/e/'/s/ r/e/t/i/r/e/m/e/n/t/ obsessing about draft picks by then.

(reminds me, I have to get a copy of the Boise State game. none of my friends TiVoed it, the bastards. what is best in life? to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear their lamentations after winning the game on a Statue of Liberty play. or watch it with a beer, either.)

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