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October 02, 2006


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I actually have an mp3 of Ross Bagdasarian recording the Chipmunks in real time.

[pause to let Doug murmur, "of course you do"]

Simon and Theodore sound reasonably normal, but the voice he uses for A/r/a/m/lvin is pretty demented.



I can never explain enough about my family to be able to explain to anyone why we had all of the Chipmunks albums around, but Carlos is saying "of course you did!"

as I can recall, the "my sharona" cover was regular. I guess. I wasn't a listener of both concurrently, if that makes sense. so I don't necessarily recall all the nuance of it, but it all seems to match up in my mind. ok! good! ready for part 2 when you are!!

Randy McDonald

I've fond memories of the Chipmunks myself.

James Bodi

I loathe them inexpressibly.

milan samardzic

doug, I forgot how amazingly talented at writing you are. and how you can make an incredibly interesting and insightful story from a very simple everyday event... great story.

Francis Burdett



or Bagdasarian Sr

And I am sure you found this already but it would seem to show that Bagdasarian Jr. does look Armenian.

Curiously I couldn't find a German language version of the theme song of the late 80s incarnation of Alvin und die Chipmunks.

But of course I was able to find a Hebrew version
(Did I hear correctly or did they rename Theodore?)

And Carlos, is this the version of the real time Bagdasarian recording you have?

Whoa- it's like what 'ludes must be like


Just FYI, that whole "Chipmunk Punk had a profound influence on Nirvana" thing is total bunk. A complete and utter fabrication.

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