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September 02, 2006


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Bernard Guerrero

Bummer. How are the boys taking it? I ask because, coincidentally, I have to attend a hamster funeral this evening. I'm feeling bad for my wife, as she must be breaking the news to the girls right about now.

Doug M.

Alan (four and a half) was sad. David (three) didn't really get it. We had kept David away from the kittens anyhow -- he's going through a rough-and-rowdy phase -- so I think he didn't really bond.

We buried them in the back yard with a bit of ceremony -- a poem, small rocks for headstones, an assurance that Mommy would plant flowers over them.

Doug M.


Ah, dang! That's so sad to hear. Especially when they've fought so hard to survive.

{{{hugs to all of you}}}}


Dear Doug & Claudia:

Sigh...this is for the best. I have bitten my tongue since Claudia first wrote about this and I am glad that it is finally over. Someone has to be the bad guy here and it might as well be me...sickly kittens in your house was not a place you wanted to be. For all your kindness of heart and compassion, I think that this was a mistake. I am glad that it is over, (and yes, I am a cat person as the saying goes).

The Nyquill was, however, a nice touch. I would have never thought of it. Interesting what creativity wil bring forth.

Have a nice time in Romania, I'm sure the children will be thrilled to see their old haunts and friends. This will take their minds off the subject of the kittens.

Best Wishes,



Ahh, Nyquil--Claudia had not been so specific in her blog. I do think that was the kindest (and pretty ingenious, might I add) thing to do... I'm glad Alan will have such a fabulous distraction!

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