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September 16, 2006


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Syd Webb

Mornings can be okay. Nice, even.

It's getting up in the morning that's the hard part.

I can dig it.

Recently I've been learning to be in bed by 10 pm when necessary as there are now so many things that demand my early morning presence.

Still find it beastly to have to get up at 4:45am to take a day trip by plane to another city, returning home at 9:30pm.

Jussi Jalonen

You'll fit in just nicely in the former USSR, then. Pretty much every Russian person that I've known has held an opinion that having to get up before, you know, _noon_ is a gross violation of their fundamental human rights.

Myself, well, I'm the archetype of the standard Lutheran-Spartan Finn. I hold a free-lance type of work and I'm a bachelor, so I don't really have to keep my life regimented in any way... but I still do, voluntarily. Among other things, I've always remained an early riser. One of the traces that the military service managed to leave in me, I guess.

Today was an exception, though. I woke up, sure enough, right on time... but I just couldn't get actually out of the bed for a half an hour or so. Sometimes, even I can hit the wall.


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