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September 18, 2006


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Jussi Jalonen

I'm writing my stuff with my faithful old 486 that I bought back in the early '90s. Fourteen years and counting.

Let me tell you, back in those days, they built the processors to last. And my God, the operating systems _worked_.

I did have a more modern machine at my disposal until lately, but that crashed a week ago. Beyond resuscitation. But the 486 is still going strong. QED.



The computer by itself works fine. But there's enough professional software which simply won't run on it that makes an upgrade necessary.

Syd Webb

Carlos, I feel your pain.

I've recently had to upgrade my six year old machine. Well 'had' is overstating it a little. Basically my employer was willing to pay me A$750 a year to have a laptop. The theory is that I would do some work-related stuff on it but as almost all my work is classified I'm not allowed to store or produce any work-related documents on the laptop. Nevertheless, my employer gets to claim a tax deduction for the money they've paid me to buy the laptop which, as some HDTD regulars will appreciate, I find ironic.

Given that I use a home computer mostly for writing and surfing it was an almost needless upgrade. [Although Civilization IV Warlords is a jolly good way to waste an hour or three, especially if I'm helping Becky play.] And after three months I can't get my beloved Netscape Communicator 4.7 to work, forcing me into the unfriendly clutches of Xnews. But I can't go back to the old machine as Beatrix now has it fully configured to do her digital art and it crashes if I as much as look at it.

There is no such thing as a free lunch or, indeed, a free computer.

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