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August 16, 2006


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Syd Webb


How are things in sunny KÝbenhavn? I'm delighted to see that you and Noel are presenting at the EBHA. And on the Panama Canal, too! (I've been reading up on the early history of the canal this past year, for reasons not unadjacent to the possibility of a longer-lived Lon Gambetta.)

Looking forward to giving your paper the thorough reading that it deserves. You guys have fun!

Bernard Guerrero

Nice, I was wonder where the blazes everybody was. Though that doesn't explain what happened to all the old postings.

Colin Alberts

Wow, it's good to see HDTD back! I was beginning to worry a bit.

Francis Burdett


As for the conference paper itself; the fracken thing killed my printer (/shakes fist/ Damn You Teddy Roosevelt) although I guess that fault lies with my new secretary who over filled the paper tray.

Again congrats to you both.


Just did the presentation with Noel, sort of like a Penn and Teller routine. (One guess on who was which.) The Q&A went well. Gavin Wright is very cool.

Wish the hotel had an exercise room. I feel vaguely like a boiled ham.



haha. she eats at cosi, but tells people What to Do. ahaha. ha.

#16, 36, 47, hmmm? xoxx


You don't have to worry about my purity of essence, LL. I think I violated fifteen of those the first time I met her.

I could go on.


I wouldn't worry about anything, were I you. one can hardly put themselves up as an avatar of the 30something, sleek, lala new york femme and then talk about eating at cosi. haha. ahahaha. ok, I can't stop giggling. haha.

(you go read the three I mentioned and you'll see why they are relevant.)

cosi. ha. like the pedestrian guy from midtown lunch? haha. maybe old Zach'll hand out a sanctimonius list of 100, too. hot diggety! hahaha. (but you could get some knife-twisting mileage on that old #47, xox)


Hey, _I've_ eaten at Cosi. I like the free pieces of bread they have in the bowl. MMm, saltstarchoily. They make the price of the sandwiches almost reasonable.

Now, Chipotle Grill I cannot fathom at all.

la loca

of course you have, angel; you work in midtown.

Bernard Guerrero

Schneider's geek stories are excellent, BTW. I named my schauzer "BJ" as a child, after the Greg Evigan vehicle. There. Finally got that off my chest.

Randy McDonald

Congratulations on the presentation.

Bernard Guerrero

Hey, Randy, how are you? Was that your post at my site?

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