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July 07, 2006


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About a year ago, I bought my first digital camera, a reconditioned Minolta Dimage E323, for $150. To use a technical term, it is weak (3 megapixel, x3 optical zoom, I don't bother with the digital zoom, limited manual controls), but I'm very happy with it. It's reliable, sturdy, has good battery life, and generally meets my needs. (Those of an idiot ignorant who likes abandoned industrial landscapes and one interesting woman.) Do get at least a 1 gig memory card, though ($60 or so), it's very liberating to have 900 shots available.

Of course, you have to tell us what you are the spokesmodel for.


The shot I sent you from Egypt is on Nikon's CoolPix 2200, which I got myself in 2004. It's 2 MegaPixels which is fine for snapshots, women, and landscapes, but the new shiny Nikon Coolpix 3200 is 3.2 MP with 3x optical zoom, for under 100 dollars through Amazon.

I'm sending you some stuff on Egypt this weekend. Alexandria, and the state approved tour-guides. As well as 'Where the Wild Things Are'

la loca

I don't have a digital camera because I am stubborn. I appreciate the ease and fun of my camera phone, but I mean, digital?? not really a photograph, sorry. I don't even shoot in color. because it fades.

I also frown on the recent boom of cottage industry "photography," even as I know (I know!) that it is bad for my feminist cred because it is, yk, cottage, but fuck it. all those gals with a digital slr who photoshop the motherfuck out of those pictures and try to pass it off as art!?! I mean, maybe that's big talk coming from a gal whose primary method of work involves pastiche, but I don't think so. I'm not trying to pass off special effects as my own. .

Bambina is writing a series of notes that say "I am [her name]. I am not [her name]." add this to the collection of notes that say "no, dad, no" and forget about making retablos with a heavy use of glitter glue! she can go Karen Finley all the way! blahblahblah, o save me from this lunchmaking, snackpacking, swimsuits-over-the-rail grind. take me to Bali. I'll settle for Costa Rica. hey! don't lose that little Polly's boots. a handbag we can replace. eso es, etc.

Francis "Rich Corinthian Leather" Burdett

well that's ducky- I've got an image of you on a revolving turn table wearing a wireless headset. What I cannot imagine is a "perky" Yu.

serial catowner

My camera is a kodak dc3400. The autofocus makes it impossible to get any complicated shot but it does great for simple stuff like pictures of cats, cars or the front yard. Under $150, see eBay for prices. My 'reconditioned' camera has worked fine for six years.

I upgraded the memory disk but unless you have a really high-speed way to download the photos, you won't want to build up too big a backlog anyway.

One thing to watch is the battery- my camera uses AA, which is compatible with a cheap recharger from a local variety store. Definitely check out what it will cost you to charge/replace the batteries of the camera you're looking at.


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