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July 01, 2006


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Noel Maurer

Truly, utterly fascinating. Who were these mysterious American wannabes? And who are the Cairene elites? I'm greatly looking forward to the rest.

Bernard Guerrero

Children of local business elites, I'm guessing. They'll have been exposed to Western norms more than average (whether via MTV or trips to Dubai), they'll have more money than average, less call to be culturally conservative, and probably all expect to end up working somewhere else when they're adults, anyway. Keep up the good work, Luke.


They are children of the Egyptian oligarchs and the rest of the upper class. Yes their are Egyptian oligarchs. A few years back many of them were put in prison and others fled the country. It has become a norm amongst the youth of the country's upper class to speak in english, with an American accent, to seem Western. Being western in dress code as well as values and principles is the fashion in Egypt at the moment.

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