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June 15, 2006


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Will Baird

Goodie! Goodie! Goodie! I wanted to hear more on Noel's trip.

Boo! On you for disappearing on us, Carlos!

FWIW, I've started posting up some experiences from this last trip to Ukraine. It's been interesting.

Lyuda's still there and is supposed to stay until the first...but we might bring her home early. She's...Americanized too much. ;)

Hope you do feel better though, Carlos.

Noel Maurer

I'm off to Trinidad on Monday --- any interest in reports from a hydrocarbon-rich tropical isle?

Yes, I'll be watching manana's game.

Syd Webb

Well I'm off tomorrow morning to place myself in the hands of the Little Company of Mary for a couple of days to deal with a small urological problem that has been plaguing me these last two years. [And yes, I too have felt the loss of my cutting edge, no pun intended, these last 24 months.]

Not something I propose blogging about; you youngsters wouldn't want to hear about some Boomer facing the aches of middle age anyway.

Hope you enjoy your break, Carlos, and I aim to be back Sunday, sitting on my rubber ring, reading the guest bloggers' offerings with gusto.

Francis Burdett

rubbing butterscotch pudding on well read dancing girls works just as well mon frere

but seriously enjoy sharpening your chi or whatnot

I am very interested in hearing from Mr. Maurer (not that I do not also look forward to Dr. Maurer [I guess I do not know if they are not both the Doctors Maurer] considering [as I can look up his birthday] he _literally_ became a man during the War.

A question to N-o-e-l : as your father is L-e-o-n, coincidence or do you and the first baseman for the Dodgers share something more than just dashing good looks?

Noel Maurer

You got me, Francis! The alternatives were "Leon Jr." or "Alexander." So much as I suffered in grade school --- and insisted that people call me "Billy" --- I really can't complain.

Nomar is better-looking than I am, but thank you.

James Bodi

Carlos, here's to a realigned chi, no matter how obtained. I spent last week shivering in fever, eating digestive cookies and re-reading The Praxis.

Syd, we're not all young 'uns. My 'Good luck with the plumbing' is more heartfelt now that I approach a new decade.

Noel, anything about Trini or the War would be interesting.

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