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May 03, 2006


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Joseph Eros

Sorry (again) for an off-topic comment, but I haven't been able to get in touch with you by email and I need to know if I should plan to visit. I'm in Turkey now and I'll be in Georgia in a few days.

Joseph Eros


Thanks Doug. I haven't read that in a long time. Enjoyed the chuckle all over again.

Scott Raun

Love that story! Do you have the 'how I got him to be my friend again' write-up handy?

Nancy Barber

I found the 'seduction of Max' post in my archive of old digests, if you don't have it. It was posted 29 Oct 1997.

Bernard Guerrero


Doug M.

Joe, you can reach me at sigidunum (at) yahoo dot com.

Nancy, I have the other Max post -- thank you.

Doug M.


Joe, please do come and visit. If all goes well, we might even have a blanket for you! (I.e., our move might have arrived by then!) We have enough space and will leave you to sleep in in the mornings! :-) You'll be our first visitor and guest of honor.


I loved that story the first time I heard it and then when I read it. The Seduction of Max is even funnier (how can it be). Must go find it. Max and Ajax must be sort of related.


Bernard Guerrero

"The Seduction of Max"? Post, please.


Thanks for posting this again. I hurt from laughing.

Patrick Banks

That is one hell of a cat story. Poor Max sounds like he survived a Nicoll Event.

Chet Arthur

Hmm. I think I would probably have put Max in his carrier early on.

(Claws, teeth? That's cat owner for you.)

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