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May 26, 2006


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Waupun... you poor guy, were you thinking that was where people with a Voice ended up?

He looks like he's found peace. Were you reminded of David Tenner's post about Wallace Stevens?

Yerevan: y. By hand if possible. We can climb Mt. Ara_gats_. Nearly as tall, and barely half as lethal.

Doug M.


No, Waupun just seems a plausible destination for a guy who drank a lot of Huber and said things like, "I could make a better hamburger with my AS[family blog]LE!"

He apparently keeps in touch.

I am probably not the only one who mentally hears the name of his papers recited in his Voice:

face yet another EDI challenge!
use of Social Security Numbers
by health care plans under fire

et cetera.

Bernard Guerrero

That can't possibly be the same guy, can it? Then again, I can testify that the world of benefits consulting is a wild and wooly place. Those actuaries drink like fish......

Speaking of which: Huber, that's the Cheesehead version of Colt 45 or Thunderbird, right? Buck a case?


No, it's the same guy. (I went "Jesus Hangover Christ," and e-mailed Onion John. John e-mailed back a minute later and said, oh yeah, we're still in contact. Ba[familyblog]rd.)

Googling: "I'm a tax lawyer in Los Angeles, and yes it is very fulfilling and rewarding. Knowing that, you can't possibly really want to hear my stories. I can tell you that my three-page personal essay about my fulfilling and rewarding career in Killdozer got me into NYU Law School, that and a nice letter of recommendation from Big Black's rocker turned lawyer Santiago Durango!"

Also, someone had the same idea about his article titles. ba[familyblog]rd.

Huber is not Black Label, Grain Belt, or Old Milwaukee. This is important.

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