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May 28, 2006


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Syd Webb

Matisyahu will be visiting the lost tribe Down Under and performing at Sydney's Gaelic Club (and why not?) on 24 July.

Still haven't heard him myself but Jerusalem sounds like a must-listen.

Bernard Guerrero

Dude, I'm questioning your cultural cutting-edginess. You may be the last person on the planet. They're already selling him at Target, ferchrissakes.


Dude. This was a conscious decision. I could have got Shake Off the Dust... Arise two years ago [1], and then have spent the next six months having people say, "Oh, Carlos, him and his eccentric eclectic H/i/g/h/ /M/o/d/e/r/n/i/s/t/ tastes again," and then have similar (or even the same) people a year later tell me how great it is -- or better yet, how they were into it before me. Uh-huh. You spent a summer in Prague, didn't you.

This is much less picrogenic. Riding the wave. Mellow!

Only slightly tangential: Desmond Dekker has died. And also, this. And hell, this.

[1] But maybe I should have, because as is always the case, the artist and the small independent label the artist started with are now having disputes; and the original CD is now a rarity, dammit.

The New York City Math Teacher

Leah was telling me this morning how the executive secretary for the head rabbi for the "Our Gang" Society of Episcopally Orthodox Yidlach ("Jüdisches Uberstndesrat _Junges Yisroels_") was blasting Matisyahu through the cubicle partition last week.

I'm thinking einige doppelbock oder einige trippelbock, too, something that will be completely lagered by Labor Day and taste like the essence of silky harvest yay! Of course, you know, this means WAR (on polysaccharides).

The New York City Math Teacher

Oh, and I am claiming copyright on the phrase "silky harvest yay!"

Francis Burdett

viz Liz Phair

One of my friends was of her acquaintance when he went to Oberlin.

Apparently anyone could see her in her underwear if they stuck around long enough.


Frankie, yes, this is known to me. [1] But on stage, in the early sets...

I remember once, halfway through the song "Flower," she ran out of air and had to take a deep breath before continuing, "I'll take you home and make you like it."

[1] tangentially, this whole 'avoid teh crazy' thing? good idea, not-so-good consequences.

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