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May 21, 2006


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The video, btw, can be found here:


So finnish, said my husband.

(Sorry about the non-clickable link. We're swamped here. Our move arrived - and it was half trashed. We have so many damages, it's almost funny. Almost. But Lordi, what can you do.)

Francis Burdett



They hardly seem worthy to even carry Oderus Urungus' codpiece (much less that of Slymenstra Hymen)

Where are the oversized...nobbly bits and the spewing bodily fluids?


Noel Maurer


Sorry. Well, Francis, it *is* the Eurovision Song Contest. GWAR never made it outside the U.S. of A. Lordy.

Syd Webb

"Nytt alusvaatteissa ihan teinilt!", indeed. Votever dot means.

Jussi Jalonen

"Nytt" (the second person singular conjugation of the verb infinitive "nytt", "to look like"); "alusvaatteissa" (inessive case of the plural appellative noun "alusvaatteet", "underwear"); "ihan" (particle adverb, the approximate meaning "just like", "just as"); "teinilt" (ablative case used to denote impression, declination of the appellative noun "teini", "teenager").

The full translation being: "You look in underwear just like a teenager!" Once again, Finnish is simple. By the way, Carlos, the language on the site is rather racy; thankfully Syd picked one of the tamest quotes.

As for the topic, all that's needed now is for Kaurismki to win Palme d'Or at Cannes and this country will go completely crazy.



Hm. While I don't mind racy, I do mind that particular sentiment. I'll tweak the links later today.


Links changed to remove racy Finnish smut-talk. (I actually have an anecdote about that, but this is a family blog, and it doesn't end well.)

Bernard Guerrero

"and this country will go completely crazy." Will? Heh.

"I actually have an anecdote about that, but this is a family blog, and it doesn't end well." Bummer, those are the best kind.

"GWAR never made it outside the U.S. of A." I don't know that we can say they ever made _inside_ the USA, Beavis and Butthead appears to have been the apogee. Though I wasn't aware of the "Viva la Bam" [FN1] appearance, which I'll have to check out. I'm picturing GWAR staging a mock execution of Phil and Vito in the Margera's backyard and Bam and Tony Hawk try to ollie over the stage, followed by April admonishing everybody to clean the fake blood off the side of the house.

[FN1] As it happens, the theme for said show was performed by yet another Finn, and one episode featured a trip to Finland in search of a Russian mail-order bride.

Francis Burdett

Yes Mrs. Wallinkoski is quite pneumatic

A random bit of trivia found in looking up who she is:

A Finnish entrant has won Miss Scandinavia 14 times since the inaugural pageant in 1963 (11 - Sweden, 7 - Norway, 6 - Iceland, and poor Denmark only once). Surely this winning percentage has nothing to do with the fact that Miss Scandinavia is sponsored by YLE a finnish tv channel.

Noel Maurer

"I don't know that we can say [GWAR] ever made _inside_ the USA."

Yes. True. Good. But I liked 'em.

Lordi, OTOH, is unlistenably bad. I had to play Judas Priest for an hour to get over that three minute exposure.

Of course, that may indeed be the point.



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