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May 02, 2006


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Bernard Guerrero

Too true. I think the impact on everyday life (where it is available) tends to be badly underestimated.


Welcome back, how is the new computer adjusting to life in Armenia?


It's a bit shell shocked but quite well, considering... :-)

BTW, our DSL line keep dropping every other minute or so. Very annoying when you try to download something. Supposedly the phone connector box out on the street also has a crappy connection. I'm not surprised - after all, our phone has been dead for five days now.

They say they are going to fix it. I hope so!

Oh, and did I say thank you for all those recovered pix and videos? Thank you, thank you!

I'll write you later, btw. Banking matters... [sigh, the bills, they never end]


Hooray! DSL! DSL! DSL!

If it weren't for the Internet, I would never have met Doug or Claudia. (Okay, I might have met Doug.) So it's a wonderful thing.

(I will pass over the multitude of stalkers and anti-fans I have acquired via the Internet.)

Bernard Guerrero

(I will pass over the multitude of stalkers and anti-fans I have acquired via the Internet.)

Like they're a negative! Feature, not a bug.

Joseph Eros

Sorry for the unrelated comment (which can be deleted), but I'm a friend of Doug's who is going to be in Georgia in a few days (arriving May 6) and if it would be convenient for me to stop by in Yerevan that would be great. If not, no problem. I evidently don't have a good contact email address for the family. Doug has my gmail address, which is also with this comment.

Glad to hear all is well.

Joseph Eros


I agree -- yahoo! I wouldn't have met husband or best friend without the internet. I wouldn't have rather nice daughter, cute godson, and three potential sons-in-law.

However, I would get more done in less time at the office... For whatever that's worth!

Natalie -- where are your consumables now?


Bernard, the problem is, having stalkers doesn't pay. I want _cash_, dammit. I mean, who else on the Internet has _two_ Canadian stalkers?

There's gotta be a way to market this.

Bernard Guerrero

I want _cash_, dammit.

Advertising! I'm pretty damned sure B*ssior or Cleven would sit through a full five minute streaming commercial if they got the chance to insult you at the end. Just contact Google, post something nasty about neo-Confederates or how crappy Kamloops is or some such, and let the good times roll!

James Bodi

How'd you get two?!

I lived there 90% of my life and I only ever had at best, one, very easily discouraged stalker.

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