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April 04, 2006


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Syd Webb

Here's a bit of Acts -- in Gullah, De Postle Dem -- chapter 13, verses 6 through 12.

Cool! Tried to find this passage in Tok Pisin but the best I could uncover was the first nine verses of St John's Gospel.

Incidentally, in Jordan's translation, Jesus is from Valdosta.

Can anything good come from Valdosta?

Francis Burdett



I am so misquoted here. The quoter does receive partial credit, however, for attempting to edit a certain neologism.

Bernard Guerrero

Can anything good come from Valdosta?

Azaleas! And Doc Holliday! (Well, ok, maybe not good, but cool.)

Nancy Barber

Must get my soundtrack of the musical Cotton Patch Gospel (songs by Harry Chapin) digitized and on my iPod, now that you've brought it to mind. Highly recommended, but hard to find and not available on DVD.

Jussi Jalonen

Finnish humorist Veikko Huovinen once made a partial attempt at the translation of the Bible in the lumberjack vocabulary.

Example: "Vapahtaja meni puomista yli ja kveli salmen yli ja laittoi ropsilautan kannatukseen". The English translation is difficult, but it's approximately "the Saviour went over the bar and walked over the sound and fastened the log-raft".


Francis Burdett

Totally off-topic but

It's freakin' SNOWING in NYC today?!?!


Spike Gomes

Here's one for Hawaiian Creole English.

Syd Webb

Here's one for Hawaiian Creole English.

Good one, Spike!

Here's another creole heard from. Or does the existence of the Royal Australian Navy militate against Strine being a creole/dialect?

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